ABmerit: basic info

  • Founded on 1st June 1997
  • Technical support organization, SW and analyses for NPPs and crisis centers
  • Author of the computer code ESTE
  • Analyses, models and procedures for nuclear and radiation safety and dosimetry
  • Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, interdisciplinary research: mathematical modelling, radiation protection physics, industrial accident modelling
  • Architect of emergency response system
  • Modelling of radionuclides in the environment
  • Environmental impact assessment in the scope: Nuclear and nuclear waste management facilities
  • Calculations and analyses of reactor core inventories (fuel depletion, fission buildup and decay, radiation source terms)
  • Equipment qualification – methodology, models and  calculation of radiation parameters for NPPs equipment qualification
  • GIS engineering – application and architecture of geographical information systems
  • PSA Level 3 -  calculations, analyses and probabilistic safety assessment of nuclear accidents impacts
  • Specialist in the prevention of major industrial accidents
  • Performing risk assessment, making and updating safety reports and emergency plans, providing consulting and advisory services in designated areas in the field of prevention of major industrial accidents
  • Training in the prevention of major industrial accidents
  • Software engineering
  • Author of the source terms database of european NPPs for emergency response
Company ABmerit was founded on 1st of June 1997. Until 31th of May 2017 was existing as "Ing.Peter Čarný - ABmerit", indentification No.34 946 764, on 1st of June 2017 the company was transformed to "ABmerit, limited liability company”, identification, No. 50 846 710. All intellectual property, including the rights to the ESTE systems are included in basic equity of ABmerit Ltd.