ESA project PECS: Sen2Agri-ESTE

The ESA-Sent2Agri-ESTE mission is an important step to make the newest ready-to-use crop map data (from 24/7 running Sen2Agri system) available and bring it to the real operators of the ESTE system, which adds significant value. System ESTE is real-time software tool and decision support system running 24/7 at the crisis centers on-site of nuclear power plants and at nuclear regulatory bodies. ESTE evaluates radiological impacts to people and to environment, caused by nuclear facilities operation or accidents.

The project aim is to provide integration of agricultural crop maps from Sen2Agri system into ESTE through specific module and to enable the ESTE user to operate system ESTE with added information from Sen2Agri.


Benefits: Bring the results of Sen2Agri system to the real operators of the ESTE system. Support their decisions in following topics:

•where to focus the monitoring of plants

•where are the areas potentially impacted by nuclear/radiological event

•which type of land cover is in the impacted area, which type of crops were planted in the vicinity of nuclear facility during the year (for radiological impact assessment of routine discharges from nuclear facilities).


Link to Webinar „Webinar ESTE - ESA Sen2Agri“: