ABmerit - author of ESTE codes

Our team is built on experiences and professional competences of our staff - nuclear engineers, nuclear physicists, GIS engineers and SW engineers. We are developers of ESTE systems, which are continuously improved since 2001.

Response to nuclear and radiological accidents:

ESTE system for emergency response is a decision support system for crisis staff in case of nuclear or radiological accident. The first task of ESTE in emergency situation at nuclear facility is to evaluate state of reactor core or state of fuel in spent fuel pool, on the base of state of barriers which should prevent the release of radionuclides to the environment. The main task is to prepare outputs, which can be utilised for recommendation of protective measures. Measures include sheltering, iodine prophylaxis and evacuation inside the emergency planning zone and potentially beyond the zone.

EIA - Radiological Impact Assessment on Environment

Assessment of nuclear facilities operation impacts on population, biota, hydrosphere and agriculture. Assessment of potential nuclear facilities accidents impacts on the environment. Calculations and analyses of radiological impacts, probabilistic evaluation of population irradiation and nature contamination. Analyses and calculations of source terms, accidental releases of radioactive nuclides and discharges to atmosphere and hydrosphere of the environment during the routine nuclear facilities operation for EIA assessments. Preparation of complete documentation for EIA.

Technical support, scientific calculations and probabilistic analysis

Technical support, development of specific SW and analyses for nuclear facilities and crisis staffs. Performing risk assessment, making and updating safety reports and emergency plans. Creation of algorithms, equations and procedures for description of pollutants (nuclear or chemical) dispersion after dirty bomb explosion (CBRN). Preparation of scenarios for trainings and exercises of crisis and emergency staffs. We use advanced specific SW codes Scale6/Origen, MCNP5, SCDAP/ RELAP5, ArcGIS and ENVI.

Research and Development

Research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, interdisciplinary research: mathematical modelling, radiation protection physics, industrial and nuclear accidents modeling. Modeling of pollutants dispersion in urban environment in case of dirty bomb explosion. Modeling of radioactive effluents dispersion in rivers and marine environment. Implementation of Earth observation remote sensing. Project FASTRUN (OECD NEA), Project FASTNET (Horizon2020), Project MODARIA (IAEA), Project UDINEE (EC), Project ESA.

Our team

ABmerit is a leading organization in the field of emergency response and preparedness for nuclear facilities accidents at the European and national level. ESTE systems, whose author and developer is ABmerit, are implemented at various centers for emergency response, in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria and IAEA, at the governmental level or at the level of nuclear facilities. Our team consists of nuclear engineers, nuclear physicists, GIS engineer and SW engineers. This variety leads to exceptional and uncommon efficiency, power and capability to achieve extraordinary scores and results in the field of emergency preparedness and response world-wide.