Project title: Modeling of radioactive nuclides dispersion in urban environment after application of radiological dispersal device

Project start: 01.08.2021

Project end: 30.06.2023

The project is granted by the Slovak Research and Development Agency on the basis of Contract no. APVV-20-0628


The aim of the project is to enhance a complex tool ESTE CBRN for modeling of dispersion of radioactive particles in urban environment, based on 3D model.


The partial project goals:


  • Improvement and implementation of advanced methods of computing the wind field in the urban environment;
  • Implementation of advanced GIS methods: analysis of available data of 3D urban models, development of methodology, and application of GIS methods that will enable the selected 3D data to be linked with ESTE;
  • Implementation of the Lagrangian method for modeling the dispersion of radioactive substances in urban environments into the ESTE CBRN;
  • Implementation of radiological weapon model for physically more realistic description of the source term;
  • Development and implementation of enhanced radiological model for the calculation of radiological parameters caused by atmospheric dispersion of radioactive substances in urban environment;
  • Implementation of advanced GPGPU parallel computing methods so that dispersion calculations for urban environments can be performed in real-time or close to real-time;
  • Improvement of the graphical user interface of ESTE CBRN;
  • Verification of ESTE models based on available test data.


Presented outputs of the project:

  • From October 25 to 27, 2021, a seminar organized by ABmerit took place in Modra at hotel Pod Lipou. The seminar was intended for users of ESTE systems and experts in the field of emergency preparedness and response (with participants mostly from Slovakia and partly from the Czech Republic, ÚVZ SR, ÚJD SR, NPP Mochovce and Bohunice), where the project objectives, plans and partial results of the project for the year 2021 were presented and published. Contributions to the project were presented by Dr. Ľ. Lipták, Dr. M. Marčišovský and Dr. M. Marčišovská.
  • The ESTE approach to the solution of CBRN modeling in urban areas and partial results of the project were presented at the conference DRO 2021 (Dny radiační ochrany), held online November 8-11, 2021. Conference info to the contribution is published in electronic form on the page (in Slovak language): DRO 2021 - ESTE CBRN. Link to the presented contribution (in Slovak language): DRO 2021 ESTE CBRN contribution.