Protective Action Guides

Action Guides (catalogue of European action guides) in printed (books) and electronic form, created as a result of research project in ABmerit, Trnava, Slovakia. The aim was to find and define distinguishable and quantifiable symptoms which could help the Crisis Staff in the process of source term estimation and (especially and finally) in the process of assessment of radiological impacts to the territory of the country (e.g. Czech Republic, Austria, Bulgaria) in case of nuclear accident outside or inside the country.

Symptoms and measurable parameters, which can be used in the process of source term estimation and which are implemented in "Action Guides":

  • Description of the accident in words (state of the reactor core and release pathway);
  • Expected/predicted release (prediction of the source term);
  • Estimation of real release (release rate);
  • Estimated INES level;
  • Some principal information about urgent protective measures applied in the EPZ;
  • Radiological parameters which are (could be) monitored and reported: dose rates, ground deposition, air volume activity or TIC.

Sites of European power reactors relative to the Czech Republic border:

Action Guides are calculated specifically for every country (see ). Up to now they are implemented at:

  • the Crisis Centre of the Czech State Office for Nuclear Safety, Prague (for the territory of Czech Republic);
  • the Crisis Centre of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology , BMK, Vienna (for territory of Austria);
  • the Crisis Centre of the Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, NRA, Sofia (for territory of Bulgaria).